Towards more strategic and self directed careers essay sample

Saturday, March 12, 2016.

On the way to more strategic and self-directed acsors

More strategic and more self-oriented

The current economic context, as a result of increased competition, has forced a large number of enterprises to deploy a human resources department, which until recently has not been forgotten. The article “Towards more strategic and self-governing” indicates that more organizations and companies have begun to develop and improve career development systems and organize plans for staff. In the area of human resources, career management aims to define the goals, perspectives and needs of individual staff members, as well as the increasing programme of staff resources to support these professions. Career planning has proven to be a continuous process of detection in which people can develop their professional concepts as a result of the abilities, aspirations, skills, motivation and needs of their value system. It is a systematic and comprehensive process that focuses on the implementation and development of career strategies, the analysis of opportunities and self-evaluation, as such, the evaluation of the results (Joo & Park, 2010)

The process of developing and planning a career includes both organizational and personal responsibility. People are expected to define their ambitions, opportunities and use treatment and evaluation to assess development and learning needs. However, organizations should identify needs and opportunities and plan staff to ensure that information is available for career development and training. There are several issues in career planning that should be taken into account. First, the members of the organization must be recognized and treated as individuals with unique skills, desires and needs. Second, it is assumed that people should be motivated to work in organizations that are relevant to their aspirations. In addition, people can also modify, develop and detect some new courses of action if they have the exact capabilities, direction and encouragement. Staff members require more career counselling, which should be in the form of official activities in the human resources department. Special career counselling services should be composed of psychological specialists who understand both organizational and individual needs. This makes it easy to reconcile with individual needs that make it easy to accomplish organizational goals

The document is well organized and provides information on the importance of individual career planning for the purpose of creating, self-assessment and research on operations designed to help people make choices that will receive information and changes related to their careers. It contains information on systematic actions that require critical thinking in the development of objectives. The article, however, explains the various factors that have subjugated the perception of individual choice of profession, as well as family circumstances, financial expectations, age, life and the desired lifestyle. In addition, organizations that maintain a competitive advantage are equipped with the right and appropriate skills. The types of staff and their skills vary according to the economic, business, consumer and technology sectors. I, in agreement with the organization’s argument, affect the type of staff, the post structure and the development path to work. The reduction in the number of jobs in the organizations and the restrictive management levels results in changes in the generally accepted route to the firm’s career development plan

This article is easy to find in retail stores and online stores. These concepts are applicable to the United Arab Emirates in several organizations in order to succeed. For example, both organizations and individuals understand very well how the current number of field staff is slightly higher than for a few people, as well as skills development and rotation. In addition, career development planning systems increase staff satisfaction, as they enable them to recognize and take a firm stance on their objectives and policies. Career planning systems are generally multi-faceted and focus on mechanisms such as reality check, goal setting, self-evaluation, and planning. This will help UAE organizations to ensure the productivity of their companies. Finally, the organization should provide staff with the necessary resources to achieve success in such areas as career centres, career planning guides, career seminars, career development and advisory services. This will ensure that the potential of the staff is fully utilized for the benefit of the organization. Thus, these concepts can apply to all organizations, even in the United Arab Emirates. The information presented in this paper is useful to the consultant, as it helps to form the basis for effective consultations. Thus, it is recommended for different organizations and professionals to maximize the potential of HR

Ju, B. K. B., & Park, S. (2010). Career development, organizational commitment and intent for staff turnover: effects of orientation on objectives, a culture of organizational learning and feedback on development.

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