The mutant's guide to finals

Last Update 5 December 2012 G.

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Well, if you don’t do biology or meteorology this semester, you don’t care. You’ve got bigger things to worry about right now.-That’s right! My comrades, the real enemy, over there, outside your dorm rooms, in your apartment building, in a fraternity house. They gather on hard drives, printers and secret folders, far from our eyes … for now. But soon we must all face this great enemy:

In order to resist these standards and have any chance of winning, you will need preparation-and I need to use all of the out-of-scope quotes, shaky analogies and bulleted lists that I can gather to give you this very training. So sit down, take a beer (only one), and make your training habits. That’s it.

Look, women are learning that all your finals are an enormous task. Therefore, thinking about learning in the final, as one big task will be stunning you and nowhere to go. You need to.

Start by getting a sheet of paper or starting a new note in Evernote. Make a list of the pools that includes each class that you want to examine. Then, for each class, see if you can find a specific list of materials to cover …

If you are lucky, some of your activities will have a complete tutorial that covers everything in the final. Almost as useful is a list of chapters or topics that will cover the final-it may not contain specific questions or concepts that you need to cover, but it will at least tell you what needs to be reviewed ..

However, you will often start by mentioning that the final for the class is “cumulative.” In such cases, try to split your notes (or slides for the class) into manageable sections, which can be placed in your giant list of themes.

The key here is to destroy one big task-“study for the finals”-into little chunks that you can.

At the moment they may be non-specific-for example, “comments on the revision of Chapters 1-12”. Right now you’re just trying to quantify your load and get the feeling you really need …

Now you have a big list of everything you need to cover your ending. So what are you doing with him?First of all, look at this bad boy.When it comes to actual work, you don’t need a huge list with dozens or dozens of things to cover your face. You need something more skill. You need to.

Every day, when the time comes for you to start your research, take several items from your list and place them in a new list. It’s yours.To make the list really effective, try to make your research objectives specific and timely. You can also increase the motivation by building a reward for their completion. Here are some examples:

  • For 30 minutes, complete 10 questions in the project management manual. Honours: 20 minutes of Borderance 2.
  • Review my power notes for chapters 1 and 2 and develop 10 questions for each chapter in 45 minutes. The reward is bad.
  • Study of the European history of flash cards for chapter 6 until I remember 80% of terms-shoot for 30 minutes. The reward is to tell people to stay away from my girl.
  • I know from experience that using such a small task does it.

    This brings another good moment-the focus of only a few tasks will be long to help you fight distractions. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by friends, video games, and the Internet can be in the focus of the entire post-and in fact,

    Return to the point-it really pays to focus your opinion!

    Now that you’ve made a huge step towards success by focusing on just a few things, it’s time to figure out what your optimal environment for the research is.

    In my opinion, there are four components that make up the terms of the study:

  • Isolation level.
  • To be most successful, you need to determine what works best for each of these components ..

    The location you selected will have a great impact on the three other components of your environment, but it goes deeper than that. The place you selected must be.

    So just deal with what works for you! You can find more than one location where you can easily work. If you need inspiration, here.

  • Is the table large enough to decompose all my papers?It’s comfortable enough-but not so comfortable that I will sleep?Is there a fast wireless access to the network? I really need this (we couldn’t be distracted).
  • Are there any outlets for my laptop? Do you really need them? Not having the ability to make you work faster.
  • Do I have enough screen space to run your computer?.
  • Is there a place nearby where I can eat?
  • The lighting is adequate?
  • Think about the different aspects of your workspace and decide what’s best for you. Then, if you choose a location, try to see if this workspace type is available in the ..

    directory.You can work better when you’re alone, and no one’s going to be as far away as you can see. You’d rather lock yourself in your room and pretend that the whole world was gone for a while when you were studying …

    Conversely, you can find that you work better when you are in a group-whether you will learn together or just sit next to each other for moral support ..

    I believe that the level of isolation that you prefer can actually be influenced by the type of work you are doing. For example, when I write an article for this site or make some other kind of creativity, I usually want to be completely alone. For me, the possibility that someone will see and condemn me before I do something serious prevents me from doing creative work …

    However, I like to work in groups (or just around a lot of people) when I study or do pre-determined work, like a problem that is embedded in a financial class. Because I know that the answer is already defined, there is no pressure to get people to see my unfinished work …

    What type of noise do you prefer-music (what type?), white noise or total silence? What level of volume works best?

    It’s something you’ll have to understand for yourself-and it may change from time to time …

    If you’re studying music, here’s mine.After you have found the best work for you in each of these four categories, try to customize your learning environment to include each of them. You may not be able to find a location that is perfect, but you should be able to easily find a location that works ..

    And when your learning environment works,

    When I train for the Warrior Dash this summer, I’ve made sure my body is in the peak condition of the race. I knew I wouldn’t perform at my best level, unless I coach, ate well, slept well and stayed hydrated …

    Even though you don’t have to jump out of fire or climb walls during the finals, you still want to be at your best level-both before and during the finals. For this, it is important to pay attention to these four factors:

    Contrary to what fantastic marketing Red Bull can want you to think, food and drinks, full sugar and caffeine, will not help you concentrate. All they will do is give you a short high, followed by an unproductive disaster (and.

    If you feel that you need to go down to the energy drink to continue your studies, this is because you are not sleeping enough and trying to break through too much time to study in one day. The deafening caffeine, and remaining overlate, is against one of the pillars of good health (sleeping well) and not very much to help you. Your tired brain won’t save much of what you’re trying to learn.Cut the shit and stick to healthy eating in the week before the final. You can check it out.

    It doesn’t mean you can’t take a pizza and relax after a long session-just make sure you try to get most of the good stuff. You put good things on, and you get good results at what you do …

    Let’ s move on.

    I want to emphasize that you certainly should not justify that you are too busy to get the finals to get an exercise, because it’s just a load of B.S.

    I know from my own behavior-and from observation – that even the most devoted students don’t spend every single minute of the “Dead Week”. You definitely have 30 minutes a day to go to the gym, go on a run or just play basketball …

    This will not only make you feel better, but it will probably help you to learn more quickly and store more information-in the end, exercise your vigilance and work well!

    The exercises also make a great pickup during the day, when you start weary. I’ve had a bad habit of having a nap in the day when I’m a little tired. No matter how much honk or promise I’ve given to myself to keep him for 20 minutes, my navel will always be more than two hours. It’s two hours.

    And now that I’m tired, I get up and go for a walk or a lift. It only takes 20 or 30 minutes, and I always end up feeling a lot more energy …

    A pass in favor of working, has added value-I am actually more tired at night,

    Getting a good sleep-and it’s enough-is important enough to be able to handle your final. If you want to read all about sleep,

  • Affected by short-term and long-term memory.
  • Kill your mood and emotional well-being.Reason for actual health problems.
  • So you’ll make sure you’re asleep! The last thing you want to do is sleep in the middle of your math.And finally, make sure you drink enough water. Your brain is sitting in a liquid bath, and hydrates is what works well. Try a drink.In this post, I set out four strategies to be the final of the final. Now, you need to put these boards down.

    If you have any advice about the ending, I’d love to hear them. You can submit them in the comments!.

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